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The trading fee for OTC is 0.1% and the deals should be worth at least 100,000 USDT . OTC on HitBTC is curated by the exchange partner Trusted Volumes.

There are sometimes also free shipping promotions active. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait. If you are interested in working with us then please click the appropriate link above.


As the price reaches the stop price, the order turns into a limit order (so for stop-limit order you should specify both stop and limit prices). You must verify that you’re not a citizen or resident of one of the nations listed above when you sign up for the platform. Select a currency from the chart’s list, and the page will instantly refresh and display information about the chosen trading pair. To be eligible for HitBTC’s OTC service, you must exchange more than $100,000 for each trade, and each transaction will be charged a 0.1% transaction fee.

  • The HitBTC team has designed HitBTC with different types of traders in mind.
  • Compare the prices on the list of Dash exchanges that have your currency pair for the best price and profit.
  • This framework could be applied to a wide range of cryptocurrency price series where there exists a relevant social media text source.
  • Professional traders are fond of the HitBTC European exchange.
  • On the flipside, you might believe that one of these cryptocurrencies is about to experience a fall in value – and this is where a short position comes in handy.

After you consent HitBTC to collect certain data you are free to start using HitBTC. Mostly registration takes as much time as you need to read the text of Privacy Policy. The exchange has both FIX and REST API. RESTful API provides access to the market data, order book, and so on.

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The concept “sale” was mentioned in terms of “buy” and “sell” in phases 2 and 6, a “token” sale in phases 4 and 6 and “black” “friday” sales in phase 8. A tenable explanation is that “sale” is a general term that captures concern regarding bitcoin before decisions to sell. This suggests the concept “sale” may have value as a negative sentiment indicator that warns of future falls in price. Coinsbit, a new trading platform, is also planning to introduce margin trading by the end of the year — along with crypto loans in U.S. dollars. The company is hoping to stand out from the hundreds of other exchanges by tackling the security and liquidity concerns that traders face, as well as high transaction fees.

  • Similarly, setting profit targets also ensures that you exit a trade at the optimal time.
  • While this has the obvious drawback of increasing your browser’s resource consumption , it does still allow you to access your account from any device.
  • HitBTC works 24/7 and hosts hundreds of trading instruments including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the top altcoins; there are 870 trading pairs available on HitBTC.
  • Most regulatory agencies, like the UK’s FCA, do not recognize such entities as which they should monitor .
  • Whilst ether prices fell from 5 May to mid-December 2018, bitcoin prices recovered upon falling to 6,000 US Dollars and only fell below this level after four months.
  • There are different levels of verification depending on how much you are buying and selling.

In this case, we need a while longer to complete the work on the DOGE wallet. While withdrawals are closed during maintenance, trading functionality is available at that moment. Unresponsive support team; only way is to send tickets that take days to get responses – and not even clear ones. Finally, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our WunderTrading review; share your comments with us in the comments section below. Free To Use, 100% Delegated and Performance-Based, by copying expert traders under the profit-sharing model. Firstly, visit WunderTrading sign-up page, enter your information, and make sure to use a unique, strong password for extra protection.

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This allows you to test out hypothetical strategies and portfolios, or just get familiar with the HitBTC platform and cryptocurrency trading. HitBTC offers over 800 trading pairs, including Bitcoin Ripple Ethereum Stellar and Ethereum. The user can pick between crypto to-crypto or crypto-to fiat currency pairings. A minute wait for transaction verification is still practically too long for day to day payments. SmartCash solves this problem with a SmartCard you create yourself on your mobile and load with currency. A merchant – or anyone who wants to receive money can use the Point of Sale app to request payment. They scan your card, you enter your pin and bang, instant payment with 0% merchant fee.

hitbtc verification

However, if you acquired ETN as an investment and intended to sell it in the short-term, it may be best to leave it on the exchange where you purchased it. Remember, though, that this comes with third-party risks such as the exchange getting hacked or going offline when you need your funds. Having acquired Bitcoin , the next hitbtc review logical step is to sell your BTC for Electroneum . Here are some exchanges that let you do that and how to go about it. LocalBitcoins is a reliable P2P platform with sufficient liquidity for both buyers and sellers. Select the I have paid button and wait for the seller to send Bitcoins to your LocalBitcoins address.

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Public APIs provide unrestricted access to public information for all exchange markets without the need to register a user account or have an API key. It is intended to be used by coders, developers, technically-skilled traders, data-scientists and financial analysts for building trading algorithms.

At, you will find the latest offers and discounts from HitBTC. To use HitBTC discount codes, click on “SHOW COUPON/OFFER.” Copy and paste the code in the space provided just before checkout. If the button with the label “SHOW OFFER” and not “SHOW COUPON” appears, click on it. With an intuitive interface and a sophisticated financial engine, the SwissBorg Wealth App gives the user the freedom and security to buy Bitcoin and other digital assets with ease and at the best price. The SwissBorg Wealth app uses the latest technology to bring digital asset expertise to the palm of your hand. is an independent comparison platform and information service that aims to provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions. While we are independent, the offers that appear on this site are from companies from which receives compensation.

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We want to move past it and create a decentralized organizational model inspired by ant and bee colonies. Verify the authentication of real-world luxury watches digitally. This will be done with a decentralised ledger on the Ethereum blockchain. In the past 30 days, 0 visitors saved an average of at HitBTC.

hitbtc verification

We are dedicated to helping our loyal visitors get discounts from as many online shops in the UK as possible. We have listed over 20,000 online shops based in the UK on our website each with a wide range of vouchers and coupon codes. Looking for promotional codes and vouchers to shop and save at HitBTC?

HitBTC Trading ContestsHitBTC features multiple levels of verification – unverified accounts are referred to as starters, whereas verified accounts get an upgraded account status. HitBTC allows users to trade without having their accounts verified. To deposit money using a bank wire transfer, you will need to complete a long verification process. If you deposit cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to prove your identity, and the funds will be available in your account in less than 20 minutes. HitBTC Sign inClick the Sign-up button located in the upper-right-hand corner on HitBTC’s homepage. To verify your email address, you will receive a verification link via email.

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However, establishing a predictive relationship does not prove a causal link because of “confounding bias” (Pearl et al., 2016). Hence, Kristoufek established that a positive correlation relied on including days in the dataset when the price was high and positive news events common. However, negative news items could also lead people to Google search but instead result in lower prices, resulting in a negative correlation.

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The next step is moving funds from your main account to a trading account. The action is quite intuitive, you just click on the blue arrow, specify the amount and click a “transfer” button. Then you should proceed to the Exchange tab to create an order. In the Instruments section, you should choose the pair you need and then specify the type of order you are going to place .

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