How to Use Offshore Software Development Services: Pros and Cons of Offshoring Development

Nobody even gets invited to an interview unless they have 5 years professional experience. This is now a hard and fast rule at Cambria and is important. These future variables can be included within the application instead of acquiring extra licenses or subscriptions from commercial apps. Following a thorough evaluation of your organization, we provide recommendations for resolving issues and defining your company’s objectives and expectations.

Custom programming will also allow you to build new applications when commercial software solutions fail to meet your needs. An offshore developer’s ability to meet your project’s specific needs is a key factor in determining if the project will be a success. The perfect offshore corporation should show proficiency in applying frameworks and technology stacks to serve their clients in the best way possible. Project-Based Outsourcing, Delivery Teams, and Staff Augmentation all fall within this category. The whole deployment procedure is taken care of by working with Saigon Technology, greatly reducing the burden of cost and effort for clients.

offshore programming services

Start a short contract to build a feature, fix a few bugs or any other job that needs to be done within your project. Signing this document can prevent data leakage and idea stealing. So, if you don’t want to risk it, avoid offshore companies from Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, or Indonesia. However, you won’t experience any significant cultural gap when choosing a vendor in Eastern Europe. In some cases, your contractors are turning off their computers when you wake up.

Application Development – Microsoft and Open Source Integration

Our offshore development company takes on the most challenging aspects of the recruitment process. We discover, interview, and thoroughly test the best candidates for your project. Once our experts have conducted this extensive evaluation process, we present the top matches and their results for your team to review. From there, you can hold a 1-on-1 interview with each applicant.

offshore programming services

We will work hard to get you the solution that your business needs. Many people prefer to have a custom software developed since it is often less expensive than an otherwise good commercial application on the market to perform what they want. Custom software is designed to support processes quickly and effectively, eliminating the need to modify commercial products.

Offshore Software Programming Services India

They offer offshore outsourcing of industrial production and services. Among Asian countries, Pakistan, the Philippines and Bangladesh. Timely and high-quality software delivery is critical for Enterprises to consider offshore software programming services. Enterprises can save their precious time and energy, with the help of offshore software programming services, and focus on their own core strengths. However, you need to find the right offshore software programming service provider to avoid delays, cost over-runs and compromised quality. The final but not smallest risk in offshore programming is connected with cultural differences.

offshore programming services

Delivering data from your website, desktop or mobile application to your accounting software, warehouse, or supplier. It is effortless to get lured by the polished portfolios of the outsourcing companies and make a decision hurriedly. Do some research about your prospective offshore outsourcing companies. Check their website and social media profiles and verify credibility. You may also go through the reviews and ratings posted by their past clients. Offshore software outsourcing allows businesses to easily and quickly scale up or down their team almost instantaneously without any hassle, thereby meeting the needs of your business most optimally.

Starting any offshore development project is hassle free if your offshore development team is an experienced firm. You can create your own NDA and het it signed before the development process. You can ensure an easy project start up by providing project documents such as wireframes, sketches, or detailed mock-ups. Nobody here has fewer than 5 years of custom software development expertise, while the majority have more. They are all capable of working directly with our clients and have project leadership abilities. If Cambria is no longer on the planet and you have ensured that you own the source code, you can always find a programmer that specializes in custom software development and have them continue to maintain the software.

Offshore Software Development and Programming for Websites, Intranets and Database Apps

Sloppy programming is frequent, particularly among self-taught and inexperienced programmers. A lot can go wrong when you choose a substandard custom programming company. The ancient adage “you get what you pay for” applies just as much to the programming profession as it does to any other. A new programmer at Cambria is usually put on one of our larger projects and works under the guidance of permanent staff. This is where we find out if they can maintain good client communication, perform to spec and meet deadlines.

• Transparency in how your project data will be managed is another important consideration. Build sketches, wireframes, and blueprints of your prospective product by considering the future users and usage of the product. Create a roadmap consisting of step-by-step processes to reach your milestones. If the service-provider indicates not, then have them sign an agreement to that effect. Before Japanese cars were made here in the US, detractors claimed that it was unpatriotic to purchase foreign cars, when perfectly good cars were made right here in the United States. They went on to say that the purchase of foreign cars took jobs away from American workers and was bad for the economy.

offshore programming services

Dick, the chairman, can sleep well and relax on weekends knowing that projects are typically always handled properly and correctly. Furthermore, because our clients stay with us, our growth is consistent because existing clients stick with us and new clients just add to our business. As a result, we cannot be employed for a specific job that comes in, and our hiring methods are consistent, and we frequently hire the appropriate individual even if there is no immediate work for him/her. We frequently have to decline off projects due to a lack of employees to reply swiftly. Cambria has the expertise in any type of programming you need done.

If a programmer passes this final stage they become members of our permanent staff. The process of analysis and planning begins with the definition of use cases and the capture of precise functional requirements. This involves prioritizing the needs for the custom program and categorizing them into delivery milestones while optimizing your usage of time, resources, and expenses. It is critical to understand whether a commercial software is compatible with existing and legacy applications.


You will receive the same high-quality programming that we have always offered, but at a far lower cost as compared to the United States. However, keep in mind that any programmer with enough experience to have worked on a variety of projects may cherry pick two or three of those references. You may try to acquire a typical example by asking for a list of every customer they’ve worked with in the previous 6 or 12 months. This will be obvious if you have taken the precaution of owning the source code and hiring another programmer to maintain it. If it is poorly written, it will be costly to maintain, and it may be recommended that it be completely rewritten.

“The team we work with is great in every way. We feel confident in the support we get during the day to day to the yearly maintenance.” “Everyone we have dealt with is great and they have helped make my job in managing projects a lot easier! Not only do they do the work requested, they ask great questions and make great suggestions.” “Our experience with offshore programming services has been exceptional in quantity and quality of work.” “I have been extremely pleased with the partnership we have had with and the resources to assist us.” “The team meets and exceeds expectations. There isn’t opportunity to “deliver early” the way I assign work to the team, they deliver exactly as I need which is great.”

  • Custom software is designed to support processes quickly and effectively, eliminating the need to modify commercial products.
  • Having a brilliant idea is good, but it’s worth nothing unless you have the money and resources to bring it to life.
  • The offshore outsourcing software development company will quickly find professionals to strengthen your team.
  • “Happy with the performance. The team is self-driving, which is something I’ve had struggles with in the past. Very knowledgeable on the IBMi and requires minimal guidance.”
  • You should also find out the technologies it specializes in and the tools used by it.
  • Offshore software development helps in saving company capital in the matter of the cost of development.
  • DSD Business Systems uses only North American programmers to develop and support all its Sage and NetSuite enhancements.

Classic ASP, a completely acceptable and pioneering back-end scripting language that was used in hundreds of thousands of websites costing millions of dollars, is being left to wither and is no longer being developed. One issue is that the project may be completed and perform rather well, but it is still a messy project with poor code and a lack of internal documentation. The major advantage is that the task is done correctly the first time. However, because we have a low turnover rate, the programmer you last worked with and who is familiar with your system will be available in the future if needed. The visits of interviewees begin with a series of written exams. First, a broad one to assess logical ability when confronted with typical programming scenarios.

Expert Custom Software Programmers

Our specialties are building CMS based and other kinds of dynamic web sites with backends driven via popular, widely used databases such as MySQL, Firebird, MS SQL Server, etc… Older non-SQL systems, such as dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, and many more, had proprietary databases with non-standard methods of contacting them. Even Microsoft Access fits within this category, although unlike the others stated, upgrading an Access database to a standard such as Microsoft SQL server is relatively simple. You might believe, as many do, that “you can’t go wrong with a Microsoft language.” However, Microsoft is also guilty of leaving people in the cold.

“I continue to appreciate the consistently good work of Vipul Kumar as the developer on my project.”

Cambria develops desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications. Within these categories are different sub-categories, tool sets and programming languages. We may have more software development experience than any software consulting company. We have been in this difficult business since 1984 and are still going strong. There are many types of programming, and very few companies do them all.

Can you create a dedicated development team for us?

The second option is designed specifically for projects that require 100% security and confidentiality. In this model, your company will receive an offshore team which is lead by one of our specialized project managers. In the traditional offshore development center model, a customer only receives developers and oversees the team using their own project manager.

We can also engineer solutions involving integration of open-source with MicrosoftTM technologies. Benefit from the experience and technical expertise of proven professionals. Add value to and streamline your business with a web site specially designed to create and manage growth. Join our growing list of satisfied clients or see actual results of our work.

“I have really enjoyed having _______ on our team. She has helped me much to organize the work of the developers.”

Due to cheaper living costs, countries except those of Western Europe and Northern America charge lower hourly rates. Moreover, many agencies also include additional services, such as support. The concept is based on attracting foreign forces to carry out some processes of the enterprise. The second derives revenue through the provision of specific services. We have the expertise necessary to engineer sophisticated database-driven websites using Python or PHP on the server backend paired with slick ‘AJAX’-based UIs on the front end. We can engage in large projects in tandem with other developers as part of an offshore team or handle small to medium-sized projects by ourselves.

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