When Does Business Process Outsourcing Make Sense?

Used globally by millions, this super multi-billion dollar company began to outsource from the very beginning. As early as 2012, WhatsApp was a minute organization with only 30 full-time employees and five part-timers. At the time, they understood that if they wanted to grow, they needed to keep costs down.

We know that a bank takes deposits, grants loans, transfers money, provides financial advice and responds to customer queries on a day-to-day basis. We know that supermarket stocks essentials items for customers to buy for their daily needs, and on a day-to-day basis, it ensures that its racks are stacked, shelves labelled correctly, inventories evaluated and orders placed. Full Scale helps businesses grow quickly by providing access to highly skilled, remote developers. Listen to this interesting episode from the Startup Hustle podcast where Matt DeCoursey shared his experience on what it’s like offshoring Full Scale in Cebu City, Philippines.

The practice of outsourcing is subject to considerable controversy in many countries. Those opposed argue that it has caused the loss of domestic jobs, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Supporters say it creates an incentive for businesses and companies to allocate resources where they are most effective, and that outsourcing helps maintain the nature offree-market economies on a global scale.

what is the process of outsourcing

There are outsourcing processes specific to a certain task or an internal procedure, something more known as process-specific outsourcing. It has become common in the industry to contract an external service provider that specializes in a particular service. Knowledge process outsourcing involves contracting a third-party to take on a more analytical, strategic, and sometimes even administrative role within your company. For example, you might bring on a financial consultant to not only manage company finances, but to also analyze your spending to help you cut costs and make smarter investments.

Top RPO companies realize that they can’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recruitment and bring the experience, assets and science to the table to solve problems. Every organization is different and needs an agile, personalized approach to RPO. As your organization recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the perfect time to assess your talent management processes to ensure you have the right leaders for what’s next in your organization. Outsourcing partnerships that focus solely on cost savings will not produce innovations and are also not likely to last. Innovation cannot occur unless you have the right team and can build towards a healthy relationship with your BPO service partner. The fact that we reduced resolution time, and streamlined the feedback process was just as important as the innovation we introduced to integrate their existing customer service platform with BPM processes.

Business Process Outsourcing: Definition, Benefits & Guide

The term “Midsourcing” subsequently became known as contracting a local or regional manufacturing service provider to arrange for the outsourced task. From Drucker’s perspective, a company should only seek to subcontract in those areas in which it demonstrated no special ability. The business strategy outlined by his slogan recommended that companies should take advantage of a specialist provider’s knowledge and economies of scale to improve performance and achieve the service needed.

BPO vendors employ more than 3 million people in India, and more than 1 million people in the Philippines. Millions more are employed by BPO companies in Europe and the United States. BPO vendors are located all over the world, especially in developing nations with low income tax. South Africa has shown recent dominance in the BPO market, notably in call centers. Ryan Fitzgerald, owner of and realtor at Raleigh Realty, has extensive experience with BPOs. He says, “There are both pros and cons to creating an outsourcing process for your business.

The outsourcing may also be termed as the process of handing over public services control to private entities both on a long-term and short-term basis. It may, from time to time, also include offshoring, where a firm may decide to relocate a business function to a faraway country. It may also engage in nearshoring where a business transfers its service to a neighboring nation. There is also onshore or domestic outsourcing, where an organization can opt for outsourcing from within the country. A good number of companies today, whether small, large, or new, opt for business process outsourcing.

Instead, organizations can hold their business operations on a remote setup, most usually having their teams in an office provided by the BPO firm. Aside from knowing and understanding what outsourcing is from the definition of outsourcing jobs and how they work, it is also necessary to have an idea of the different types of outsourcing. applications management outsourcing It’s easy to underestimate the cost and scope of your business process outsourcing initiatives. However, there are a number of potential risks involved when outsourcing any part of your business processes. Now, let’s take a look at the main reasons a company might use business process outsourcing in the first place.

  • The nature and extent of the services to be outsourced and the overall objectives of the contract.
  • We understand the nuances that make a big difference in recruiting the best talent.
  • BPO reduces internal local compliance obligations including providing additional office spaces to employees.
  • Such high-complexity and strategically important partnerships need to be carefully managed from both sides.
  • These services are frequently outsourced due to technical knowledge requirements and can be accomplished off-premises.
  • This is a fairly obvious classification, based on the type of industry for which work is done.
  • Similarly, since the signing of NAFTA, heavy industries have increasingly moved to the US which has a comparative advantage due to its abundant presence of capital and well-developed technology.

For example, you might ask your marketing agency to take over your email marketing campaigns in addition to your social media efforts. Or, once you have the capacity to hire a full-time email marketing specialist, you can dial back the agency’s responsibility. What’s more, because BPO providers are specialists, they may be able to help you streamline other related processes within your business — even if not necessarily taking them over completely. Since your outsourced partner will be dedicated to completing that specific task, you can be nearly certain it will always be completed as planned.

Also, your current employees may be stretched too thin and may not be able to put in their best effort at work. Business process outsourcing is a super solution for any size company needing to allocate resources wisely when it comes to employees. A 2012 series of articles in Atlantic Magazine highlighted a turning of the tide for parts of the USA’s manufacturing industry.

Data security is the most important aspect to consider while selecting a BPO provider. The companies must ensure that the outsourcing agency has the latest cybersecurity devices that safeguard against theft. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a BPO is that a company can oversee different sets of processes simultaneously because they are being handled by effective service providers.

Dependance On A Foreign Company

Start scaling your customer support, and collaborate better with your team. In outsourcing certain marketing operations, you’d look to improve lead acquisition and conversion rates. Once you’ve determined a general need to outsource a certain process, you then need to get a bit more specific with your https://globalcloudteam.com/ goals. Bringing in a third-party provider for any reason can impact your customer relationships, along with your brand’s reputation. Or, a larger company might buy out your partner — and completely change course for the company. In one sense, it can allow you to expand to new audiences in some cases.

Offshoring and nearshoring can pose communication challenges to a business when outsourcing services, projects, or processes. Factors like language and time zone differences could cause the project delay or make it difficult to track its progress. It may also lead to the loss of managerial control of outsourced activities. Outsourcing is the strategy of delegating in-house work or parts of business processes to external resources, including individuals and organizations, to achieve better outcomes. BPO vendors, however, are contending with disruption as well, as the practice of business process outsourcing could be at least partially displaced in upcoming years by technology.

Business process outsourcing provides a flexible range of services and options for redesigning, managing and operating specific business functions. Outsourcing can concern buying, accounting, software creation, site support, and repeating assignments, for example, calling the management or executives. These processes are covered mainly by a drawn-out contract and are then assigned to another organization outside of the organization.

Outsourcing countries like the Philippines and India produce high-quality talents at a lower rate due to their low operational costs and full government support. The business process outsourcing sector is a vast industry, generating over $200bn annually, and employing millions of people worldwide. Outsourcing typically refers to a non-core activity that a company will have an external party execute, instead of the company doing it themselves.

what is the process of outsourcing

By outsourcing your work, you allow yourself the opportunity to be more productive and grow your business faster. Enterprise See how you can align global teams, build and scale business-driven solutions, and enable IT to manage risk and maintain compliance on the platform for dynamic work. Organizations can face communication problems with their outsourced providers, or they might find that there are cultural barriers. Those considerations should lead to a list of requirements as well as a detailed scope of work for outsourcing.

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In-housing refers to hiring employees or using existing employees/resources to undo an outsourcing. The practice of handing over control of public services to private enterprises, even if on a short-term limited basis, may also be described as “outsourcing”. How the decision to terminate the relationship will be executed in a fair and equitable manner, without resulting in disruption in services. The vendor warrants that it will provide the services as defined in the agreement and will accommodate a specified increase in requirements. Required format and content of the response to the RFP, including information to be submitted on outsourcing provider’s personnel, technical and corporate qualifications.

what is the process of outsourcing

This is why most start-ups opt to cut down cost by outsourcing some of their business processes. Learn about how you can save money by sending off some of your business operations through outsourcing. Instead of buying IT equipment and hiring more employees to do different tasks, they can outsource the tasks to a service provider, reducing or even eliminating overhead costs.

Check out the top BPO companies in several outsourcing destinations below. Healthcare outsourcing, meanwhile, organizes various back- and front-end functions done for the healthcare and insurance industries. It is common for small business owners to have a Virtual Assistant working for them full time and remotely from the Philippines. Derek Gallimore has been in business for 20 years, outsourcing for over eight years, and has been living in Manila since 2014. Derek is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, and is regarded as a leading expert on all things outsourcing.

What Are The Benefits Of Bpo?

It’s best to expend energy on finding out why the SLAs are being missed in the first place and working to remedy the situation. Strong SLAs alone will not guarantee success when outsourcing IT services. Generally speaking, risks increase as the boundaries between client and vendor responsibilities blur and the scope of responsibilities expands. Whatever the type of outsourcing, the relationship will succeed only if both the vendor and the client achieve expected benefits. On the one hand, it lowers workload, operational, overhead, and personnel expenses while increasing productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. At the same time, it can compromise data security, cause project delays owing to a lack of communication, and result in poor quality in the final product.

Offshore Vendors

With a knowledge base, you’ll be able to easily organize and share information as needed by the team that you outsource any particular business function to. Building on the previous section, contracting out your more menial processes will allow you to shift more resources into various other aspects of your business. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to shift your talented employees’ attention to more worthwhile and profitable initiatives — which can lead to endless opportunities for your business moving forward.

Understanding Outsourcing

By opening up our own business, we can ensure quality and continuity while simultaneously keeping costs very low. The survey also found that providers see RPA as a top enabler of their own transformation. Nearshore outsourcing is when an organization contracts for services provided by companies based in neighboring countries. Onshore outsourcing, or domestic outsourcing, happens when an organization contracts for services provided by a company that operates in the same country as the hiring organization. BPO contracts can offer the ability to modify how an outsourced business process is done, enabling companies to react more nimbly to changing market dynamics.

They are one of the major companies that outsource and have been outsourcing non-core functions like admin and IT work for years. Google understands that it just might not be able to take on all processes, even with its size. As such, they have also been outsourcing development work, email support for products like AdWords, and the likes. They are expanding this even further and in addition to email support, also offering phone support with staff around the world. Here are some strong organizations that have successfully outsourced their processes. The unhindered transfer of knowledge is a building block for successful business process outsourcing.

As part of a global organizational consultancy and backed by decades of RPO experience, we ensure that every part of the talent acquisition journey — from recruiting to developing and retaining the best people — works for you. That’s why we were named a Leader in RPO by Everest Group in 2021 and the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen 2021. But our research has identified an agile operating model that will help financial services organizations accelerate agile transformation. A call centre is a type of BPO that deals with customer service and support.

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